Champagne Sabre Damascus Steel & Sterling Silver

Hand forged in England out of stainless Damascus steel, the Henry Tuke champagne sabre is precision crafted for perfect balance and has been designed solely for sabering champagne bottles.

With a solid sterling silver guard, a shagreen grip and pure silver wire detailing, it sits on a makarta and ancient 2,000 year old Roman oak stand. The silver is hallmarked with our TUKE stamp.

To put our sabre to the ultimate test, we took it to Champagne and broke the world record for speed sabering, our Guinness World Record stands at thirty five bottles in a minute. Our beautiful sabre did this without a scratch and is a breath-taking piece that needs to be seen to be believed.

Size: Blade 400mm x 30mm
Total length: 600mm
Weight: 1.5kg
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